Title: Packaging Company in Punjab

Industry: Light Industry

Application: Packaging Machine

Product / Solution: UPS

Location: Patiala

The Problem: The customer is a packaging company based in Mumbai and specialist in liquor packaging, they have invested in a greenfield factory in Patiala, Punjab they are using KBA make machine at the plant.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric studied the operating requirement of the KBA packaging machine and based on this understood that it required constant supply to run in smooth manner. This machine required power source capable to handle its in-rush demand, which is can be met by Falcon UPS and hence the team recommended the installation of a 500 KVA rating Falcon 5000 UPS.

Result: The customer is satisfied with the solution suggested by Fuji Electric as their machine is able to operate smoothly over the last one year.