Smart Building & Infrastructure

The foundations of smart buildings and infrastructure are power backup options that have to be planned, so that there is no cascading failure from power cuts. If power fails, the building is no longer ‘smart’. Depending on the situation and the length of time backups should be deployed UPS - Uninterrupted power connectivity will keep Control room/BMS, underground parking, wellness centers, electrical room, restaurants, and emergency lighting going during a power outage.

Drives can be used to manage HVAC equipment, air handling units, and chillers to reduce Carbon emissions and Total Cost of Ownership.

As smart buildings have to maintain the temperature and environment at a consistent pre-determined level, gas analysers can be used to detect levels of CO2 in the parking areas, flow meters can monitor water discharge and BTU monitoring will control the flow of hot and cold water, cutting wastage and detect leaks as and when they happen.

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