Fuji Electric’s high-performance Drives are available for 230V, 415V, 690V and Medium Voltage applications. Fuji Electric is known for leadership in application specific drives for Lift, Solar, HVAC, textiles. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of general-purpose drives required for variety of industrial applications that allows control of motor-driven equipment while reducing overall power and energy consumption to minimize operating costs

Fuji Electric has over 100,000 installations of air cooled and oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers for both balanced and unbalanced loads in a range from 3 to 3500 KVA. We also offer a full range of isolation, ultra-isolation and K-rated transformers for various applications in a range from 3 – 1000 KVA. 

Fuji Electric is the leader in Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) with a comprehensive range from 30A to 1000A to solve the toughest harmonic problems across Industries. We also offer Isolate Power Supply (IPS) for Operation Theatres and ICU to ensure Patient safety.

Fuji Electric has innovative solutions for several industry sectors to bring about tremendous savings and efficiency with detailed planning and execution.

With our vast range of products and decades of expertise in installing and commissioning various projects, we can help customers benefit greatly, both in the short and medium term.

By involving Fuji Electric at the point of design and conception, companies can save on costs and commissioning time.

Whether it is smart office buildings, datacentres, speciality hospitals, renewable energy projects, ports or commercial offices, we can help with solutions that not only save costs but avoid costly re-work and project overruns.