Data Center

If the power supply to the electrical equipment installed in a data center is cut off, data will be lost and the Internet and communication services will shut down. In addition, since a data center uses a huge amount of electricity, there are also concerns about its impact on global warming. With this as a backdrop, the stable operation of the electrical equipment and the saving of energy have become major issues for data center operators.

Fuji Electric UPS systems are equipped with power semiconductors that we have developed in-company and achieve the highest level of conversion efficiency in the industry. In addition, our specialist engineers perform maintenance and inspections of the UPS as well as the batteries, and this contributes to the reliability of the equipment. With their high efficiency and high reliability.

Fuji Electric AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) provide reliable speed control of the numerous air handlers and pumps associated with keeping your Data Center cool and operating reliably. Our Drives are rugged, durable, and capable of operating at 100% full power. Fuji Electric AC Variable Frequency Drives with active harmonic filters (AHF) limits the harmonics to meet the requirements of IEEE 519 and to improve the operational efficiency of electrical infrastructure 

Fuji Electric Power distribution unit (PDU) provides the flexibility to distribute the power and also to monitor the power consumption of each server rack. The PDU’s can monitor upto 128 poles. By utilising advanced Branch Circuit Power Monitoring systems, data centre operators can now pro-actively monitor power consumption at individual final circuit level, allowing enhanced load planning across commercial data centres and advanced energy metering

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