Water and Waste Water

Most of the energy consumption in Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is electric power consumption it is effective to accelerate application of dispersed power generation of new energy.

Pump or blower motors consume most of the electric power in water treatment plants. Therefore, energy saving by these motors allows the whole plant to effectively conserve energy. Usually, the pumps and blowers are manufactured at a rated capacity according to the rated water (or gas) volume The primary frequency control system variable speed control (VFD) systems used for energy saving in many water treatment plants,

On the other hand, movement to solve the energy saving, resources conservation, environment and pollution, and other social problems by controlling the at the optimum conditions with control system technology is advancing in all fields and, in this case, the performance of the sensor is of the upmost technical importance. From this background, a lot is expected of sensor technology and it is considered to be a field which will show amazing develop­ment in the future. 

Fuji Electric has developed a wide range of sensor technology for measuring flow, pressure, level, and water quality meters for water and sewage works

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