The healthcare environment comprises of various combination of sensitive electronic loads and other commercial loads. Hence maintaining quality power is essential and critical. Electrical disturbances will lead to lock up or shutdown of the devices. Power quality problems may arise due to non-linear loads inside the Healthcare facility resulting in injection of harmonics and interaction between medical equipment.

Fuji Electric UPS systems are equipped with power semiconductors developed in-company and achieve the highest level of conversion efficiency in the industry. In addition, Fuji Electric UPS are specially designed and proven for diagnostic imaging applications have the required transient response to takes care of voltage regulation during the scanning process.

Fuji Electric Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) saves energy and controls air handling units and chillers. In addition to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, it improves ambient conditions and enhances patient safety.

Fuji Electric Radiation monitoring systems help monitor and control exposure of health workers to ionising radiation.

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