Energy and Utilities

In energy and utility segments, increasing efficiency and cutting down waste are some of the key challenges many organizations face. Fuji Electric plays an important role in this industry as our products in Instrumentation and Control, Power Semiconductors, Ring Compressors/Blowers, and AC Drives are used in these facilities to ensure a steady power source. These segments utilize and process energy, producing the power to run generators, wind/steam/geothermal turbines, and more. We guarantee reliability on our FRENIC drives, Gas Analyzers, Pressure Transmitters, and IGBT modules for your ongoing power source.

For energy and utility companies, increasing efficiency and cutting down on waste has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Fuji Electric Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are modular solutions in terms of output power and energy. Renewable energy integration, and from Transmission and Distribution (T&D) down to hybrid, island and microgrids. Built-in flexible design permits easy scalability to deliver customized solution with typical operation modes of frequency & voltage regulation, peak shaving and intermittent power support including unique power quality modes.

Fuji Electric has more than two decades of experience and expertise to design harmonic mitigation solutions. Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) is a solid state, state-of- the-art active harmonic filter with advanced 3 level topology, which measures level of current harmonic in the supply line and eliminates it by generating counter harmonics in real time. Deployment of active harmonic filters at the distribution transformer can help to reduce the distribution losses and free up transformer capacity

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