Uninterruptible auxiliary power supply for solar

Uninterruptible auxiliary power supply for PV plants using UPS systems

India is moving ahead with an ambitious programme to reach an installed capacity of 100 GWp by 2022 to be powered by Solar Energy. Many states are setting up multiple utility plants of large capacities to herald the arrival of the renewable energy generation. Solar power plants are built to last 25 years or more. However, after the Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) period is completed, the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) activities have to be seamless and a well-oiled exercise. The solar plants need to be maintained for sustained energy generation to ensure the return on investment (ROI) for the developers.

Uninterruptible auxiliary power

There are many attributes that deserve to be addressed for providing reliable O&M services. The following factors have to be well understood to maximize revenue generation:

  • Location and local issues
  • Inventory management
  • Training, safety & security
  • Solar inverter and Balance of System (BoS) performance
  • AMC and breakdown support from inverter and Balance of System (BoS) suppliers
  • Remote monitoring
  • Module cleaning & vegetation growth


Monitoring, Safety & Security and Inverter and BoS performance are the major challenges in O&M, which require uninterrupted power supply for the overall performance of the solar park.


Uninterruptible power supply

Uninterruptible power supply for the smooth operation of PV plant

The use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system specially designed for solar PV plants can improve the power generation and reduce the downtime of a solar PV plant.

As we know that the solar PV plants are installed on remote locations and in outdoor conditions, the key environmental challenges to be considered in selection of an UPS include higher ambient temperatures, dusty environment, protection from rain water and need for longer backup time.


Consul neowatt’s solution to mitigate power quality issues?

  • UPS System solutions with IP 42 Protection Class
  • Integrated Power Supply solution with IP55 protection class for outdoor installations
  • UPS System compatible for
    • Special batteries like 2V VRLA, Ni-Cd battery, and Lithium ion battery
    • Operating temperature of 0-50 deg. C
    • Communication with SCADA for remote monitoring using RS485, Modbus Communication


Outdoor UPS installation

Outdoor UPS installation with IP55 cabinet and NiCd batteries

Our strength
Delivered UPS Solutions across India for over 1 GW of PV installations through major EPC’s including

  • Sterling Wilson
  • Chemtrol Solar
  • Mahindra Susten
  • BHEL
  • GE T&D
  • Vikram Solar


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