Title: Watt Watchers on the Factory Floor

Industry: Manufacturing

Application: Consul Neowatt offers IORA 3000 Active Harmonic Filter up to 600Amps, which is the largest rating globally to eliminate Harmonics in your power system. Caterpillar, the US mining and construction equipment giant, operates a plant on the outskirts of Chennai. The sprawling 12 acre area houses the factory, which is illuminated by metal halide lights.

Product / Solution: Energy Conserver


The Problem: While the lighting needs for work in factory situations are adequately met by metal halide, their energy and electricity consumption is large.

Fuji Electric Solution: Consul Neowatt recommended the use of its Energy Conserver to lower electrical costs. A limited area demo was conducted for 7 days to demonstrate the working and efficacy of this solution, leading to an order for the installation of 12 units of 45KVA Energy Conservers.

Result: Caterpillar found that their monthly electrical consumption was reduced by an average of 25 – 28%.