Title: The Harmony of Power - Premier Mills

Industry: Industrial / Manufacturing

Application: Consul Neowatt offers IORA 3000 Active Harmonic Filter up to 600Amps, which is the largest rating globally to eliminate Harmonics in your power system. Premier Mills is a manufacturer and exporter of fine combed cotton yarn, producing over 18 million kilograms a year having an export revenues of over USD 150 million. The company is based out of Coimbatore.

Product / Solution: Active Harmonic Filters


The Problem: Premier Mills was facing a problem of frequent drive failures and the display of their machines was hanging. An inspection of the facility led to the cause of the problem being identified as harmonics being generated in the mill due to the drives being used.

Fuji Electric Solution: Consul Neowatt team has recommended installation of a 60Amps AHF to reduce the harmonics and thereby reduce the drive failure rate as well as machine display hanging issue.

Result: The AHF was installed in July 2014 monitoring over a period of 20 months has shown a significant reduction in the drive failures and almost total elimination of machine display hanging issue.