Title: Leading Precision Machine Tool Manufacturer

Industry: Heavy Industry

Application: Horizontal CNC Machine JAURISTI

Product / Solution: UPS

Location: Sriperumbudur, Chennai

The Problem: The customer started operations in 1997, it is the leading company in manufacturing manufacturer of Precision Machined Components and Wind Mill Components like Main Shaft, Main Bearing Housing, Blade Mounting Hub, Break Disc and Generator Hub, Etc. The factory is equipped with the sophisticated all new CNC machines with all necessary accessories and EOT crane facility for 5 Tones and 25 Tones for Handling Facilities.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric has studied the requirements of the customer and based on this recommended the installation of two nos of Falcon 5000 UPS of 160 KVA rating in a standalone configuration to support the JAURISTI make Horizontal CNC Milling Machine.

Result: The customer is satisfied with the operations of the UPS that ensures the smooth operations of the Horizontal CNC machine.