Title: Japanese Air conditioning OEM

Industry: Hospital

Application: Chiller Unit

Product / Solution: VFD

Location: Govt ESI Hospital in Telangana

The Problem: The customer got the order to install a 700T chiller unit at the Govt ESI Hospital in Telengana State, the customer was looking for a suitable drive for the chiller unit that will be rugged and low maintenance.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric visited the site and understood the requirement of the OEM as well as the end customer site. Based on this they recommended the 315kW Mega Drive and 4 drives for 4 chiller units for the hospital to ensure optimum performance of the chiller unit.

Result: The OEM customer as well as the end customer is extremely satisfied with the chilling performance of the chiller unit at the hospital as well as the low maintenance operations.