Title: Immunity from Power Cuts

Industry: Health Care

Application: Consul Neowatt offers IORA 3000 Active Harmonic Filter up to 600Amps, which is the largest rating globally to eliminate Harmonics in your power system. With the Maharashtra state government facing highly erratic power supply and the non-availability of grid power, Primary Health Centres (PHCs) across the State were impacted. As the storage of vaccines and critical medication were affected by the power outages, the vaccination and health care delivery program began to deteriorate.

Product / Solution: Solar


The Problem: As a part of the NHRM project, the Maharashtra government identified solar power,among other options, as a possible solution to overcome the non-availability of grid electricity in remote locations and the erratic power supply in other areas. Consul Neowatt participated in the tender process through its wholly owned subsidiary Megatech and was chosen as the preferred vendor.

Fuji Electric Solution: Consul Neowatt rolled out 110 units of 50% hybrid solar powered systems and 5 units of 100% solar powered systems (of 2.4KVA capacity each) across the State after a detailed site survey. These units would power the vaccine coolers needed to store vaccines and temperature-sensitive, critical medication.

Result: The solar power systems in PHCs across Maharashtra was a huge success. Not only were they effective, they also helped the Resident Medical Officers (RMOs)complete administrative work in the evenings without worrying about power cuts. The success of the project led to it being benchmarked by the WHO (World Health Organization)for the execution of its vaccine programs in Asia and Africa.