Title: Govt Data Centre Organization

Industry: IT

Application: Data Centre

Product / Solution: UPS

Location: Lucknow

The Problem: The Govt of India organization handling data and IT requirement of various Central and State govt departments as well as Govt organizations. It needs to ensure that the IT systems and Servers are always available to provide seamless and smooth operations of daily work as well as services provided to citizens. It offers a wide range of services which includes multi gigabit nationwide networks, Data Centres, National Cloud, pan India VC infrastructure, Command and Control Centre, multi-layered GIS based platform, Domain Registration and Webcast. This plays a significant role in delivering citizen centric e-services. The Data Centre in Lucknow required a power back up system that would ensure uninterrupted operations for all the data, IT loads and e-services that were supported by this Data Centre.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric studied the requirements of the Lucknow branch as well as the site conditions. Noting the criticality of power to ensure uninterrupted operations of the servers and IT systems the team recommended the installation of a Falcon series 200KVA UPS in parallel configuration.

Result: The installation of the Falcon series UPS in parallel configuration has ensured that the Lucknow branch has ensured uninterrupted operations of the server and IT systems of all dependent Govt departments and organizations in delivering citizen centric e-services as well as normal day to day workload.