Title: Day Light Saves the Day

Industry: Soho/NGO

Application: Solar power system helps the Chitadama Trust operate its facility in the outskirts of Mysore smoothly despite long durations of power cuts.

Product / Solution: Solar


The Problem: A charitable trust providing support for mentally challenged people, Chitadama is located in Karnataka,about 1.5 hours away from Mysore. As per the electricity supply schedule for the rural areas in the State, the trust receives 3-phase power for 3 hours and single-phase power for 4 hours every day. This intermittent power supply disrupts its smooth functioning. With little or no power for most of the day, daily operations such as cooking are affected. Most facilities such as the grinder, blender and water purification system are rendered unusable because of this.

Fuji Electric Solution: After studying the requirements of the facility, ConsulNeowatt recommended the installation of a 3 KVA solar power system to meet the requirements of the facility at a minimal cost.

Result: with sufficient power for its operation, the organization is delighted that they need no longer use solar lamps and petrol generators during emergencies.