Title: Any Time Power for Any Time Money

Industry: ATM Services Providers; PSU Banks; Private Banks

Application: Consul offers unique products and solutions to ensure uptime of the ATM sites especially those in difficult site conditions. We today back up more than 10,000 ATM sites in India. In keeping with the fast-paced lifestyles of its customers, banks are now increasingly dependent on ATMs in an effort to reach out to their customers through the country. Contracted to ATM service providers, banks continue to roll out ATMs in semi urban and rural areas to meet the requirements laid out by the Ministry of Finance. However, ATM service providers find this to be double-edged sword. The erratic availability of electricity in such areas affects the working of the ATM and also causes delays in supply or installation. This results in huge revenue losses and stiff penalties for the providers.

Product / Solution: Online UPS, ATMSure, Air cooled Stabilizer, Solar


The Problem: In order to combat the unavailability of a consistent power supply in semi urban and rural areas, ATM service providers require a reliable power backup product along with installation and maintenance support throughout the country

Fuji Electric Solution: Multiple site studies revealed that the Consul Neowatt 1K 3K VA- VA Online UPS would be best suited for the job. This system can be supplemented either by the ATMSure (in the place of the traditional UPS) or an aircooled stabilizer (which works with the UPS) at sites suffering chronic low voltage issues. The single phase, air-cooled Servo stabilizers ensures that the ATM works independently of the battery during periods of low voltage, thereby increasing the available backup time and avoiding premature battery failure in the UPS. At sites that suffer from frequent low voltage and power outages, the ATMSure stepped in by handling a wide input voltage range with a heavy duty charger, helping increase the uptime. For sites where power outages lasts more than 8 hours, our Solar Power packs were used to ensure the increased uptime of the ATMs.

Result: Consul Neowatt successfully delivered reliable power backup for over 10,000 ATMs in the country. The Company’s pan-India service network ensures that the stringent TAT (Turn Around Time) for both commissioning and maintenance services are met.