Title: Alcoholic Beverage manufacturer in North India

Industry: Process Industry

Application: Boiler Duct

Product / Solution: Oxygen Analyzer

Location: Punjab

The Problem: The customer who is an alcoholic beverage manufacturer in North India needed to ensure efficient combustion of fuel in its boilers. Optimum efficiency is a key requirement for any combustion process and oxygen is the primary element of any combustion. Thus knowing and controlling the amount of oxygen plays a key role for efficient combustion control to get better efficiency.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric studied the requirement of the customer and based on this recommended the installation of an Oxygen Analyzer in the boiler duct to monitor the level of oxygen to ensure optimum fuel combustion for generation of heat and efficient use of the fuel.

Result: The customer is satisfied by the solution proposed as they have been able to ensure that the boiler performance is optimized.