Title: Af-Ford-able Lighting Solution

Industry: Manufacturing

Application: Consul Neowatt offers IORA 3000 Active Harmonic Filter up to 600Amps, which is the largest rating globally to eliminate Harmonics in your power system. Spread over 400 acres, the Ford India plant in Maraimalainagar has been working since 1999. The lighting requirements of the plant, especially the yards, are fulfilled by metal halide lights. These light however, are energy intensive.

Product / Solution: Energy Conserver


The Problem: In 2008, Ford India was in the process of expanding production and supporting facilities to double the capacity of the existing plant and set up an engine plant. The expanded facility needed lighting solutions, but the necessary use of metal halide lights would have greatly increased electrical consumption and costs.

Fuji Electric Solution: Consul Neowatt approached the Company with a proposal for using Energy Conserver to help reduce the costs incurred by the use of metal halide lights. As Ford was unfamiliar with the product, the Consul Neowatt team explained the system in great detail and also conducted a live area demo for 10 days to demonstrate the product’s efficacy. The significant reduction in electrical costs during the demonstration led to Ford placing an order for the Energy Conservers.

Result: Consul Neowatt worked with the engineering consultants appointed by Ford to install 6 units of 150KVA Energy Conservers, one of which was placed exclusively for the paint booth, while the remaining were spread across the other manufacturing areas. The installation of the Energy Conservers resulted in energy savings of up to 28%.