Title: A Manufacturer of Printed Metal Containers

Industry: Light Industry / Metal Works

Application: Printing

Product / Solution: UPS

Location: New Delhi

The Problem: The customer has been a pioneer in the printing of metal container having started operations over 30 years ago. They are specialists in printing of tin show boards, metal decorative sheets for various manufacturers of metal containers like geometry and pencil boxes. Being highly quality conscious they became one of the leading companies printing decorative metal sheets on Japanese fully automatic machines.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric studied the requirement of the customer and the operation of the Taiyo Kikai printing machines. Based on this the team recommended the installation of multiple units of UPS namely Falcon 8500 of 120 KVA rating three nos and Falcon 8000 of 100 KVA rating one nos in standalone configuration to take care of the smooth running of the various printing lines.

Result: The customer is satisfied with the operations of the UPS that has enabled the smooth printing operations at his facility to the highest quality.