Title: A Leading Tool Coating Company

Industry: Process Industry

Application: Coating Application

Product / Solution: UPS

Location: Bangalore

The Problem: The customer is in the business of coatings for tools, this is a process industry. The company uses CemeCon coating systems with DC Sputter technology have been the backbone of many tool coatings. With this coating can be done quickly and easily with all Nitride, Boride and carbon based materials. Add-on modules allow further individual adjustments. As it’s a process industry operations needs to run uninterrupted for smooth coatings.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric did a full study of the customer requirements and suggested installation of a Falcon 7000 UPS of rating 300 KVA to ensure that the operations of the customer can operate smoothly without any interruptions to affect the quality of the coatings.

Result: The operations of the customer have been operating smoothly over the last 2 years, the quality of the coatings has been as per the quality standards and is a testament to the uninterrupted power provided through the Falcon UPS.