Title: A Large Shipbuilding Yard in South India

Industry: Heavy Engineering (Ship Building)

Application: Hoisting and Luffing

Product / Solution: Drive

Location: Cochin

The Problem: The customer a major ship building yard in South India has been in operation for the last 4 decades and has over the years developed adequate capabilities to handle complex and sophisticated repair jobs for ships in oil exploration, Coast Guard and Navy. The shipyard required a retro fit of drive motor its 40 ton hoisting and level luffing crane, being a slip ring motor and critical operation of hoist, the customer was very cautious for this retrofitting. The crane is from Japanese crane maker “OBE” who has provided hoist with a gear box which has two separate gears for High speed and low speed, the gear shifting is done by separate clutch torque motor.

Fuji Electric Solution: The team of engineers from Fuji Electric studied the requirements of the customer as well as the operations of the level luffing crane. Based on the study the team recommended installation of a 160 kW drive for hoist and 75 kW for luffing on the Slip ring motor of 40 ton hoist and level luffing crane. Fuji Electric received this order under our policy of “try before buy”. During final commissioning stage the old conventional panel was removed and Fuji Electric supplied drive panel and DBR box were erected, which is very compact compared to old panels with rotor resistors.

Result: The customer is satisfied with the solution proposed and installed by Fuji Electric.