Do UPS systems need an air-conditioned room? Not always.



Being the leading Power Electronics manufacturer in India, Fuji Electric often receives unique requirements and has proven reliable in providing customized power monitoring and management solutions. Staying in tune with the field's technological improvements worldwide is not a particularly easy task. However, Fuji Electric India proves that they can make it work every time.
Fuji Electric Brought out one such example of this faith-building for the company by bringing an innovative and technological advance product Falcon series of Online UPS systems.

An unusual power backup requirement
Mukund Poly Products is a company that manufactures HDPE pipes and telecom ducts based out of Guwahati, Assam. The manufacturing plant was using a hi-end Kabra machine for their production process. The machines need to be run continuously, and for that, there could be no interruptions in the power supply or voltage supply.
Now came the hiccup in the obvious solution. Traditionally, large three-phase UPS systems require an Air-Conditioned room to be housed in. The UPS systems generally heat up on continuous running, which could pose a problem in the long run. However, in this particular case, a space constraint limited the amount of area allotted to the machines themselves and therefore did not leave any ground for the required air conditioning support.

A Unique Power Back-up Solution
Our Falcon Series UPS is designed to withstand up to 45 degrees centigrade, making them ideal to operate in non-A/C environments with higher ambient temperatures. These machines can further tolerate harsh conditions, wide input voltage fluctuations and even minimize the operation of DG sets during power cuts. As an additional advantage, because the systems can function in Non-AC environments, the CAPEX and OPEX costs associated are significant. The UPS uses a specially designed intelligent eco-mode operation that reduces power bills and ensures operational continuity.