Process Automation

Fuji Ultrasonic Flowmeters offer easy and accurate flow measurement without interrupting processes. They can be easily clamped-on to existing pipes
They are suited for a wide range of liquids, for example, deionized water, cooling water, chemical solution, drinking water, sea water, oil, tap water, hot water, industrial water, corrosive liquids. Ultrasonic flowmeter for air is also available.
They can be used to determine the flow rate in various environments, for example in a paint shop - The flow rate of thick paint is measured by a detector mounted on the pipe already constructed. Or the flow rate measurement in a water purifying system for semi-conductors. They are ideal for determining the flow rate of liquids flowing within large diameter pipes. They are much more economical than electromagnetic flowmeters when used for fluid within a pipe where the diameter is 200 mm or larger.
They can be used to measure the flow rate in an air-conditioning field, or drain flows in two separate pipes and calculating the total value as well as the difference.
They can be used to optimize facilities by diagnosing the flow velocity distribution within piping. Or corrosive fluids in glass, metal and plastic pipes. They can determine the thermal energy received and sent with liquid (water) in cooling and heating. They can also be used in field situations - the portable models need no power supply

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