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SiC devices have excellent characteristics that realize high blocking voltage, low loss, high-frequency operation and high-temperature operation. Power semiconductors that use SiC achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption, and can be used to develop smaller and lighter products.
All SiC modules have the latest generation SiC trench gate MOSFETs for significantly low loss operation. The compatible package line-up as the conventional Si-IGBT modules offer a lower inductance package, Fuji Electric has developed SiC MOSFETs and SiC SBDs that possess features, such as high withstand voltage, low resistance, and high-speed operation, which cannot be achieved when using Si.
Through the adoption of a unique trench structure, Fuji Electric has achieved the world’s highest level of low specific resistance (3.5 mΩcm2) with threshold voltage of 5 V while maintaining the high reliability of the “channels” used to turn current ON and OFF. Through this, specific resistance has been successfully lowered by over 50% compared with the previous planar structure.
Moreover, a dedicated SiC module has been developed with high current density using a unique pin-connected construction which fully leverages the merits of SiC devices.

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