Time Delay Relays

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Time Delay Relays reduce workloads of the power supply in an industrial unit by having automatic restart as a staggered starting method in sequence during the time of instantaneous voltage interruption. Having an automatic restart at the time of voltage dips as a sequential starting method, this relay helps to reduce the workloads of the power supply. 3 types of operating modes such as instantaneous restart, timed restart, and anti-restart are available depending on the duration of the power failure. It is capable of reliable releasing of the maintained circuit, despite the residual voltage in the power supply circuit.
DIN48 sized analogue timer adopts sexagesimal conversion-free, direct-reading time-scale. The MS4S is a timer with four operation modes. The on-delay, flicker, one-shot or signal off-delay operation modes can be selected.
The ST7P is a highly efficient miniaturized on-delay timer. The maximum timing interval is 12 hours.

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