Pushbuttons, Selectors, Pilot Lights  Command Switches

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These pushbutton switches comply with various international standards, so they can be reliably used as emergency stop devices. Emergency stop pushbutton switches with IP2X -compliant terminals are also available.
Standard models feature illumination with high brightness LEDs. No adjusting of panel thickness is necessary. The button and lens can be mounted on a panel while the operator is engaged. Easy replacement of contact block and transformer as well as wiring from two directions is possible. The shortest among industrial pushbuttons. A terminal cover is provided, assuring safety and security. The Emergency Stop pushbuttons employ FUJI’s original Trigger Action mechanism.
They are suitable for emergency stop and safety. They are mountable even on panel cutout 25mm diameter. AR22 and DR22 series of the ø22 Command Switches are approved by UL/CSA CCC and TÜV (EN standard).
The Command Series offer high brightness for more vivid colors. Newly added blue and pure white LEDs improve visibility. Transformer-free design for lighter structure and shorter depth (for 100-V and 200- V models). Possible to make easy color and voltage changes. UL/CSA-compliant models also available.

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