Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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Fuji solid-state type circuit breaker equipped with micro-computer controlled multi-functional electronic trip device with rated current switching function, adjustable function for tripping characteristics, and pre-alarm function. In response to enhanced electric installation, this circuit breaker provides high reliability and full range of protections.
Molded case circuit breaker and earth leakage circuit breaker combine overload protection for induction motors (direct-on-line start) and over current protection for wires. Circuit breaker MCCB intended for photovoltaic power generation. Circuit breaker compatible with DC750V and 1000V, is ideal for the junction box and power conditioner use for photovoltaic power generation.
Based on the Twin Breaker Series, Fuji Electric has expanded the range of products to meet with international standards for global markets, and always advanced the innovative development of fundamental technologies in response to the market demand, and developed the G-TWIN Series of MCCBs and ELCBs complies with major international standards and certifications. (IEC,JIS,CE,TÜV,CCC)
High performance and compact design breaker by FUJI's ingenious ablation breaking technology provides better user friendliness by the standardization of internal accessory parts. (32/50/63/100AF, 125/250AF,400/630/800AF). Material description of major components, compliance with RoHS Directive, and lower environmental impact by Cadmium-free contact. (Subject to some exceptions.)

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