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FUJI SC series (SC-N6 to N16) contactors have been developed and manufactured using FUJI’s most advanced electronic technologies. They employ an electronically-controlled SUPER MAGNET which is provided with a built-in IC, thus enhancing their performance and reliability. The SUPER MAGNET is based on an “AC-input, DC-operated concept “, thus allowing the coil to be energized by both AC and DC input. Moreover, once closed, sealed current is controlled by switching circuit. This permits a great reduction in
power consumption – a cost-effective feature.
The SC-N1 to SC-N5A do not have the SUPER MAGNET. These contactors feature compact size, arc extinguishing mechanisms with a high breaking efficiency, low power consumption, easy operation, and ratings up to 660 volts. It operates on both AC and DC power supply, has a wide operational voltage range with No tendency to “chatter". It eliminates contact welding or coil burning and reduces power consumption
In addition, the FUJI SC-N series contactors employ bifurcated auxiliary contacts which improve contact performance and permit them to be used in conjunction with programmable logic controllers.
FUJI SC-N series contactors are best suited for new FA age applications which require the most advanced electronic technologies and maximum dependability.

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