Our Vision is to become India’s Premier provider of power backup and conditioning products, services and solutions and become the preferred power partner for our customers.
Our Mission is to add value to our customers with cost effective, innovative, energy efficient and reliable power backup and power conditioning products, services and solutions.

Our Logo

Our Logo FUJI ELECTRIC CONSUL NEOWATT represents the coming together of two leading companies FCN & NEOWATT in the Power electronics industry in India.
FCN has over three decades of proven track record as a “Power Advisor” (Counsellor) for customers across the length and breadth of our country served by a Pan India Sales & Service network. NEOWATT founded by Technocrats with decades of proven track record of developing reliable & industry leading power electronic products for the Indian market providing the “New Energy” to FCN.
The Logo indicates how with the merger of FCN and NEOWATT, this combined new force will bring about a new energy in the power electronics industry.
•    The Italic font represents the futuristic outlook of the company.
•    Blue colour represents the enormous possibilities for the company.
•    Green colour emphasizes the environmental consciousness and reliability of all offerings from the company.
•    The circular graphic lines in blue & green converge at the top and bottom of the names Indicating the strong bonding of capabilities, values, strengths and cultures to offer cost effective, innovative, reliable & energy efficient solutions to our customers.
•    Generating ripples in the power electronics industry and become a viable alternative to MNCs for our customers.
•    Providing unlimited scope for expansion and diversification  in products, solutions and footprints across the globe
•    Realizing the dream of be an Indian multinational to take on the world with Made in India – Make for the world concept
Our Values
Proactive and purposeful
Embrace change and new thinking, take on challenges with continuous learning and innovation to achieve our Vision & Mission.
Eagles eye on Quality
Do it right the first time to avoid wastages and unnecessary costs. Be obsessed with Quality of products and services to ensure best in class solutions delivery to our Customers.
Value addition to command premium
All our actions must be focused on delivering more value to our customer. Only when they realize enhanced productivity and better return on their investments from our products & services will they consider us as a Premium partner in their business growth and continue to have long term partnership.
Doing the Right Thing. The Right Way
Be honest, sincere and ethical in all that we do. Avoid taking short cuts for short term gain which may lead to long term pain. Have open, honest and transparent communication and treat colleagues, partners, customers and suppliers with respect, fairness and trust.
One Team. One Aim
Work as one Team with One aim to establish FUJI ELECTRIC CONSUL NEOWATT as the Premier Company in the Market. Every team member will encourage, challenge constructively and support each other to achieve our Vision.
Results Matter
Focus on our goals and achieve them with passion, meticulous planning, accurate and faster execution, taking full ownership for results.  Company growth provides growth platform for every deserving individual associated with the company –be it employees, business partners and suppliers.


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To become India’s Premier Provider


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