Falcon X5

Fuji Electric's Falcon X5 Series is an unique and innovative UPS with competitive benefits of low ownership cost,
high efficiency and is designed to operate in harsh environments with higher availability.

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    • Flexibility
      • Common battery option for optimised selection of
      Battery for multiple UPS in parallel or Independent
      • Wide input voltage from +20% to -40%
      • Genset compliant with adaptive progressive
      walk-in and rectifier delay start options
      • 3 Phase 3 wire rectifier fully compatible with existing
      • Compatible with all types of industrial loads
      including regenerative loads
      • Parallel upto 8 units for capacity or redundancy
    • Reliability
      Operating temperature of 0-40°C with special
      attention in component selection and design to
      improve reliability
      • Input Phase sequence correction provided as
      • Advanced battery management techniques to
      improve battery life with three stage charging
      and auto equalizing charge at pre-defined
      • Monitoring runtime of critical components, such as
      fans, capacitors, batteries for predective life
    • Total Cost of Ownership
      • Efficiency of upto 95.5% in online double conversion
      mode of operation with in-built isolation transformer
      • Intelligent Eco Mode of Operation with an efficiency
      of upto 99%
UPS Rating (KVA) 100 210 160 200 250 300
UPS Rating (KW) 90 108 144 180 225 270
Input Parameters  
Rated Voltage 400 V, 3 Phase + PE
Rated Voltage Tolerance +20%, -40%*
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current Harmonic Distortion (THDi) ** < 3% at load 100%>
Bypass Parameters  
Rated Voltage 400 V ± 10%, 3 Phase + N + PE
Rated Frequency 50 or 60 Hz (Configurable)
Output Parameters  
Rated Voltage 400 V (Settable 380/415 V), 3 Phase + N + PE
Rated Frequency 50 or 60 Hz (Configurable)
Voltage Variation - Static load ±1%
Crest Factor 3:1
Voltage Distortion at Linear Load ≤1% (Typical)
Voltage Distortion at Non-Linear Load (as per IEC62040) ≤3%
Frequency Stability with Inverter Synchronized to The By-Pass Mains ±2% (Settable from ±1% to ±6%)
Voltage Phase Shift with Balanced and UnBalanced Load 120 ± 1°
Overload Capacity at 40°C 110% for 60 mins, 125% for 10mins, 150% for 1min
Load Power Factor 0.7 Leading to 0.5 Lagging without Derating
Efficiency Upto 99% in Eco Mode and upto 95.5% in Online Mode
Battery Parameters  
Nominal Battery Voltage 480 Vdc
Compatibility Compatible with SMF, Tubular, Ni-Cd, Li -Ion Battery
Environmental Parameters  
Ambient Temperature for the UPS 0 to 40°C
Range of Relative Humidity upto 95% max (without Condesing)
Maximum Operating Altitude Up to 1000 above MSL
Storage Temperature From -25°C up to 60°C (UPS))
Acoutic Noise at 1m from Panel Front (Ref ISO3746) < 65 dba
Mechanical Parameters  
Dimension(W*D*H in mm) 840*900*1800 1000*1000*2000 1200*1000*2050
Weight in Kgs(Approx) 900kgs 1200kgs 1400kgs

* at Part Load
**THDv @ <1%



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