Isolated Power Supply for Hospitals is a product that is advocated for hospitals to provide enhanced safety for patients in today healthcare scenario where electrically powered multiple devices are used for medical procedures as well as to monitor the parameters of patients. The IPS ensures that incase of any electrical leakage due to device or earth problems an immediate alert is given.

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    • Transformers in accordance with IEC 61558-2-15
    • Medical grade Isolation Transformer
    • Meets National Electric code 2011 (SP 30:2011) for medical establishment Group 2 medical locations
    • Isolated neutral IT to monitor line insulation
    • Insulation resistance display
Isolation Transformer  
Rating 5 /8/10KVA
Voltage Ratio 1 : 1
Primary Voltage 230 V AC+ 10%
Secondary Voltage 230 V AC+ 1%
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Winding & Type Copper winding double wound with shield grounded to isolated ground bus
Earthing System IT Earthing, Isolated Neutral
Insulation Class Class H
Temperature Sensor Inbuilt in the Transformer Winding
Isolation Monitoring  
Voltage Range 0-230 Vac [+ 15%]
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Range for Insulation Resistance Readings 1 kΩ ... 10 MΩ
Fault Signalling,
50 ... 500 kΩ,
Default value: 50 kΩ
Response Time ≤ 1s
Device Performance Test Self-test and Manual Test
LED Indication Satisfactory insulation resistance [green light]. Drop in insulation resistance below the fault threshold [orange light].
Metering & Alarm Transformer Load Current in %,
Measurement and display of insulation resistance,
Transformer overload alarm,
Transformer high temperature alarm,
Transformer overload alarm
Event Log upto 30 events
Communication RS 485 Modbus Communication
Remote Alarm System  
Indication Audible alarm with LED Indication
LED Alarm Indication Orange LED: Visual signal indicating an insulation fault.
Red LED: Visual signal indicating an electrical fault [transformer overloaded or overheating]
Earth Fault Locator  
Application Fault detection [with respect to the fault threshold] Automatic locating of the faulty circuit
Maximum Value Measured 50 KOhm
Monitoring Circuits 12 Circuits
Auxiliary Power Supply 22D/230V, -15 % to + 10 %
Local Signalling 12 LEDs : Fault Indication
1 LED : General Fault Indication
Sampling Time 20 s per Channel
Mechanical Construction  
IP Protection Class IP 20
Paint Shade Siemens Grey
Dimensions 400X500X1 ODO [WXDXH in mm]

*Range can be customised to customer requirement
*Specifications are subject to change


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